Don’t Ask Patients to Write a Review…

Ask Them to Speak Well of Their Dentist

For a lot of dentists out there, generating patient reviews at a consistent clip can be somewhat of a challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be, and it certainly doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition – whether you’re using reviews & retention software or a more grass-roots approach.

Google tends to get most of the reviews attention when it comes to dentists, but best practice is to offer your patients options. Maybe some prefer Facebook, or Yelp (eeeek!), or even Angieslist.

Instead of asking your patients to write a review on Google, ask them to talk into the microphone and give you a voice review. 

Show Patients How to Give Voice Reviews on Google

One of the easiest ways I’ve seen so far for patients (or local customers of any local business) to leave your dental practice a review is on Google Maps.

You could have patients go through the rigmarole of finding your practice on Google Maps then manually typing in their kind words.

But we all know with Dr. Spellcheck hawking every word, or those of us with sausage fingers, typing a review from a mobile phone can be a challenge…or an exercise in frustration, which will ultimately lead to no review for you!

Voice reviews for Dentists

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Of course patients could try to find your dental practice using their mobile browser, but Google makes it darn near impossible for that contingency.

For more on the mobile reviews conundrum, check out this post, but let’s get on with the voice review via mobile process.

This process should take between :30-:60 seconds to complete:

  1. Ask your incredibly happy patient who is bubbling over with enthusiasm if they have an Android phone.
  2. Stand next to them and help them find the Google Maps App on their phone, then find your dental practice within Google Maps. (judging of course your Google+ Local page is verified, if you are standing in your practice, it should be easy to locate based on GPS location)
  3. Once you’ve both found your practice in the Google Maps App, don’t ask for a review but rather – ask them for a small favor.
  4. Do not make them type it in one letter at a time, just show them how to click on the microphone icon on the phone keypad to audibly submit their review.
  5. Hit publish and you are both finished.

Google Reviews by Voice for Dentists

End result: you get a highly coveted Google review for your dental practice, and the patient feels extra special that you showed them a new trick!

It normally takes about 24-48 hours for a review by mobile phone to show up on Google Maps.

Credit: I take ZERO credit for this little ditty, I actually came across it in the “Local Search” community over on Google+ when some other local search pros were inquiring about how to leave a review for a local business from a mobile phone.

Make It Incredibly Easy for Patients to Review You

Yes, we all know that when most patients leave your dental office the last thing on their mind is to go seek you out on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, Dr.Oogle, Angieslist,,, YP, or any of the other local search portals & directories out there in order to give your brand of dentistry a raving review.

This is one reason why review software can follow-up with your patients at a predetermined frequency, without being a pain in the ass or sounding desperate for some digital word of mouth love.

But reviews software is not mandatory for building a review profile that is wide in scope & genuineness.

Some software is incredibly expensive, complete with all the bells & whistles for email newsletters, reactivation messages, text alerts, recall notices, birthday wishes…you name it.

And some not so much. Keep an eye out for our new dental patient reviews software launching in the coming weeks.

Like I won’t be back here doing a post about it trying to generate some buzz (read: at least one pair of eyes) when the time comes?

Until then, if you prefer grass roots over gratuitous groupware grab your Custom Google Reviews Toolkit to immediately amplify your digital word of mouth.

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