Top 10 Reasons Why Dentists Need a Blog – Part 2

Yes, Dentists Need a Blog…and You Need to Use It

We know the suspense was killing you, how were you going to make it through another weekend without reading Part Deux of why your dental practice is behind the times.

Why your dental practice, at present, with no blog, is grossly ignoring your local constituents.

The wait is over, here is part 2 of our dental practice blogging series.

6. Dental Blogs Build Online Practice Visibility

5 More Reasons Why Dentists Need to Blog
We as dental patients often hear about dentistry from friends or family members. Sometimes we notice a brighter smile or whiter teeth, and we’re pressed to ask what prompted the smile makeover.

Other times we see, hear, or read some dental-centric info in the news, whichever version of ‘the news’ to which you currently subscribe.

The similarities here are timing, we’re getting the info passively, according to someone else’s watch.

Enable a dental blog to be your personal practice and community dental news source, give your patients and local neighborhood dental health information they can access on-demand.

Having this content engine consistently pumping new fresh life into your practice website and social media environments, exponentially increases your digital dental practice footprint.

Now, go take that footprint and do something good with it!

7. Dentists Who Blog Remain Active, Relevant, & Knowledgeable in the Dental Industry

Because having a dental practice blog without actually publishing any dental blog posts is a complete waste of time, you are forced – in order to attain the goals a blog will help achieve – to update your dental practice blog frequently with fresh, relevant information.

This essentially forces you to keep pace with changing technology, further develop online communications best practices, and nurture the interpersonal social interactions amid this new local social dental stratosphere.

Aside from enriching your own digital marketing education, you’ll also be seen as a thought leader and digital communications expert from the perspective of your colleagues.

8. STAY Connected with Your Patients & Local Community

Our attention spans are decreasing as empirical stimulation reaches a critical threshold, with regards to marketing and advertising.

  • Dental newsletter – deleted after its read, IF it’s read.
  • Direct Mail – one and done conversion, IF your offer is well received & targeted.
  • Word of Mouth – probably your #1 new patient referral source.
  • Doctor’s Referral – also a big part of new patient acquisition.

A relevant, engaging dental practice blog allows you to deliver your content to your patients. It allows your patients access on their own time, your published content will always be there to access, discuss, and share.

Your dental practice blog can make tremendous strides in retaining patients, educating new ones, and communicating reasons why your patients remain so loyal.

With the Internet virtually accessible no matter where we are on Earth, your dental blog enables your subscribers to stay in contact with your content.

9. You Can Make More Money with Your Dental Health Blog

OK, maybe you’re not going to become the next Great American Blogger…but you can become the next Great American Dentist that publishes a consistent blog as part of their online practice visibility strategy.

Great American Dentists Who Blog

And you can make more money doing it.

By consistently publishing your dental practice blog you are at the very least, communicating beneficial dental health info, enhancing patient communications, and increasing website traffic.

Convert more of that traffic to new patients, ipso facto – more money!

Maybe it’s not as easy as that, sure you have to publish beneficial content in an easy to digest manner, just begging to be shared…but you’re a dentist, you can do that!

Or, at least pay someone to do it for you.

You can also make money from your dental practice blog through:

  • Advertising
  • Dental Product Placement
  • Selling your own wares

Most bloggers don’t make boatloads of money – trust me, I know – but most bloggers don’t have an offline dental practice supporting and complementing their blog.

You would…if you had a blog for your practice.

10. Dental Health Blogs By Dentists Go Above & Beyond

Separate yourself, and your practice from the competitors.

Dollars to donuts your biggest competitor in town consistently publishes beneficial community dental health information to their patients…and to anyone else searching online for a dentist in their area.

You know, the dental practice everyone remarks about but is secretly jealous of, the practice that experiences almost zero turnover with staff, and patients.

You know; the practice that consistently is mentioned in local news stories or civically focused charitable events.

That practice in town that delivers a clear consistent dental health message through both their digital marketing and offline patient communications.

Wouldn’t you rather own the practice every other dentist in town (and elsewhere) looks to for guidance on digital marketing, patient communications, and developing online visibility; with the goal being increased new patient acquisition and existing patient retention?

Separate yourself from the pack….Go forth and start a blog for your dental practice already!

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