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Why Social Media for Dentists?


Dentists realize tangible results using social media to:


1. Improve Retention & Recall Percentages

2. Amplify Practice Digital Word of Mouth

3. Acquire More New Patients by Direct Referral


Results and return on investment are all that matters, everything else is just explanation.


You should be used to explanations by now...from your yellow pages ad rep, from your direct mail service provider, and from your canceling patients.

Now is the time to drop the zeros and get with the heroes at Social Dental Network!

Let the good guys and gals at Social Dental Network reduce your dental marketing expenditures while simultaneously increasing your gross production.


Social Media for the Dental Practice

  • Elicit, collect, syndicate, & AMPLIFY digital practice word of mouth

  • Improve patient communications, retention, & loyalty

  • Develop dental expert status in your community

  • Recruit more new patients with zero additional investment

  • Learn why patients leave, cancel, stay, talk great about you...

  • Automatically monitor and maintain your dental practice online reputation

  • Build effective (and profitable) relationships inside & outside the dental industry


See Whats Included

How Do Dentists Benefit From Using Social Media...Effectively?


Having your practice listed (with an updated, receptive, and adaptive presence) as part of these popular online social communities - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ - broadcasts your location and message in a way never before realized.


Social media is an inbound digital dental marketing tool, one that complements existing online & offline practice marketing.


Social media success for dentists translates to:

  • Improved online practice visibility

  • Enhanced patient communications

  • Amplified digital word of mouth - more reviews in real-time!

  • Elevated local online professional status

  • Real-time online reputation management for the practice(s) & doctor(s)


The average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook...Sound like a good place to hang a shingle?

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The internet landscape is changing rapidly – more so now than any other time over the past decade. How your practice is represented will have a direct and quantifiable impact on your bottom line – your gross practice production.

If word of mouth is your number one new patient source, and WOM originates from your patients….how do they communicate that positive WOM?

Your patients talk to each other. Your patients tell family members, friends, and co-workers that they have a great dentist and then provide your contact info...amplifying the digital conversation surrounding your dental practice.

Simply put, communication, business location visibility, and user generated content have come together in a way never before realized.

The important thing to realize here is, with all of this communication, connections are the obvious result. The connections developed through effectively utilizing these social mediums to communicate your practice presence, mean more loyal existing patients happy to spread positive word of mouth (WOM), and more pre-qualified new patients excited to join your practice.

As a business owner, and community professional, it is imperative to seize this opportunity and capitalize on the new digital word of mouth marketing – social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, along with YouTube, have evolved into de facto search engines in and of themselves.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world - right behind Google!


  • Would increased knowledge of your patient base possibly improve your loyalty and retention?

  • Do you want locally identifiable practice profile information readily available through the most popular and widely accepted social communities in use today?

  • Can you see how this helps prevent customer/patient attrition, and even losing potential new patients to local competition?

Now the connection between the dental practice and new, existing, and potential patients, extends through multiple online social channels that are widely accessed everyday by MOST people in your local neighborhood. MOST PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ARE ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN…EVERY SINGLE DAY!

This isn’t hyperbole or marketingspeak – this is fact. Take it to the bank, scientific, empirically supported FACT.


The proper application of social media is like having a radio or television station solely dedicated to your dental practice!


The surrounding local community is on there every day, plug-in and get connected.

Furthermore, from this increase in communication comes a more complete understanding of who your patients are, where they come from, why they contact you for services, and how they make their healthcare decisions.

Armed with all of this information, now it is possible to effectively utilize it, and make it work for the practice!

Benefits for Dentists Using Social Media:


  • Practice visibility on most popular social networks patients use everyday

  • Build/maintain/grow a network of fans, followers, and colleagues on these communities

  • Build & nurture DWOM (digital word of mouth)

  • Online reputation management – broadcasting patient reviews & monitor the digital ecosystem for any potential negative reviews 24/7/365

  • Improved existing patient loyalty – engaging beneficial healthcare communication

  • Increased traffic to practice website(s)

  • Generate more patient & professional referrals

  • Increase website visibility on major search engines - social signals improve rankings!


We provide the roadmap and driving conditions, tips, insights, even the content – all you need to do is get in and drive!

Is Social Media Participation a MUST for a Local Dentist?


The importance and benefits realized from communicating practice information through social media are just beginning to emerge over the past couple of years. Local dental practices that have started Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, & Google+ business pages are now gaining more exposure to not only existing patients, but also opening up an entirely new way to educate and communicate with potential new patients in their immediate area.

All we need to do is turn on the TV or radio, or connect to the Internet to realize the immense popularity and marketing viability of social media over the past few years.

How this applies to a dental practice is simple.


Everyone is a dental patient, or potential patient, and these social media channels enable dentists to develop relationships where these existing and potential patients gather everyday to communicate with each other.


Five years ago, every dentist wanted to rank on 1st page of Google – they still do, they’re just behind the marketing curve.

And they haven't learned anything from their past mistakes yet. The past mistakes of not realizing opportunity and taking the necessary action to capitalize on their patient's communication habits.


Right now, the smart dentists know they need to be on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, & Twitter.


Dentists need to use social media to not only send the message that the office is at the forefront of the technology curve and to communicate and educate new and existing patients, but also that they are an approachable enduring partner in the patient’s long term overall healthcare.

If we as a general population congregate in specific places regularly – being the social media communities, doesn’t it make sense for our friends and family, the businesses we patronize, and yes even our medical professionals, to also come together in that place?

Now, and more so in the near future, these social connections can be used to amplify that word of mouth marketing (DWOM) so important to the core of a local dental practice – more often than not the lifeblood of an effective internal referral generation program.

More of the user experience, along with the locally identifiable map listings, can now be combined with the popular social media sites in ways just beginning to be realized. This affords the dental practice maximum online locally identifiable impact.


Social Media for Dentists is NOT:

  • A fad

  • Going to get any less popular

  • Expensive to effectively use

  • The be all, end all of practice marketing

Things will only get directed more so this way in the future, and combined with whatever other marketing the practice has enlisted to garner maximum local visibility on the major search engines. Synergy and return on investment should be the goal of your practice marketing plan into the future.

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