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 Google Adwords for DentistsWe will take care of all Google Adwords account development, management, & optimization for one low monthly fee.

We also build out custom Desktop & Mobile landing pages for click to call ads - AND even assign unique call tracking numbers so you can see EXACTLY who becomes a new patient!

Get ready to go LIVE and expect your phone to start ringing & your door to start swinging with new patient appointment requests in 72 hours.

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 Google Adwords Pricing & Activation

Get New Patients Tomorrow with Google Adwords!


Benefits of Using Google Adwords:


  • Reach, Relevance, ROI - Every Dentist Wants to Found on the First Page of Google Search Results, Now You Can Be!

  • Only Pay for "Ready to Appoint" Leads - Only Pay for People That Click Your Ad & Visit Your Website...or Click to Call Your Office Direct!

  • You Control the Budget - YOU Set Maximum Budgets for the Day, or Month, or Specific Keywords!

Watch this short video to familiarize yourself with the basics of Google Adwords...then unleash the power of search engine marketing & let Social Dental Network do it all for you!


Benefits of Social Dental Network Membership:


  • Increased New Patient Appointments

  • Improved Recall Percentages

  • Amplifed Digital Word of Mouth

  • We Do it All for You - Ad Creation, Optimization, & Reporting

  • Cost-Effective & Sustainable Digital Marketing ROI

  • Widespread Online Visibility

  • Save Time & Money


Combine the Power of Google Adwords with the Experience of Social Dental Network!


"Google Adwords is about Reach, Relevance, and ROI."


  • Prospective Patients Are Searching for a Dentist in Your Area Right Now

  • Doesn't it Make Sense to Be Where Patients are Searching?

  • A click could be $ much is a new patient worth to you?

Why it Pays to be a Social Dental Network Member:


  • We Do it All for You - soup to nuts ad creation & optimization

  • Cost-Effective & Sustainable Digital Marketing ROI

  • Save Time, Acquire More New Patients

"Best month we've had since January, and July is usually slow...we're getting 3-4 new patient calls a week..."


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Google Adwords Pricing & Activation


Q: Where would my dental practice show up on Google?

Google Adwords for DentistsWith advanced targeting, 1000s of other websites in the Google Search Network!

AND with RE-TARGETING we can follow people that visit your site(s) or landing pages around the internet with your ads!!

Q: How do I sign up?

Just give us a call at (760) 444-0505, in 5 minutes we will have the necessary information to start driving new patient appointment requests directly to your office.

You can also go here to submit your Account Profile:

Q: Is there any setup fees?

Nope. We'll get you set up, create the search, mobile click to call, & remarketing display campaigns targeting your local area and top keywords for you, and activate your $100 credit to get started immediately - typically within 72 hours your ads are LIVE on the 1st PAGE OF GOOGLE.

Q: What are the monthly fees?

Our pricing is simple - $309 for ad spend budgets under $1000 per month and $609 for ad spend budgets over $1000 per month.

Q: What does the monthly fee cover?

Aside from building your custom localized ad campaigns that entails keyword research, negative keywords, keyword optimization, account architecture, location targeting, ad design & copy, device & location bid adjustments, in addition to mobile & desktop landing pages for each of your ad groups...Your monthly fee covers all campaign optimization, ad split testing, real-time call tracking, & landing pages hosting for your entire Adwords account.

Q: What if I don't choose to run ads in a given month, will I still be charged?


Q: What about budget, and how many new patients can I expect?

Check out this mock Google Adwords proposal to see how many website visits you could generate today!

Without getting too into the weeds about landing pages, calls to action, and CTRs...As we all know, the amount of new patients expected from any marketing campaign greatly depends on how well the initial contact is handled. Give us a call for some consulting advice because this monumental topic deserves more than a trite quip.

Q: What do I need to do after signing up?

Nothing. We will be contacting you before your ads go live, just do us a favor and notify your front desk we (Social Dental Network) will be calling you to arrange recurring payments and obtain some additional ad information.

Q: Can I cancel anytime I want?

In a word, yes.

Benefits of Google Adwords for Acquiring New Dental Patients:

1. Pay only for clicks to your website AND calls to your office.

2. Target only people in your immediate area.

3. Reach, Relevance, and ROI!


What Are You Waiting For?

Get started already - Google is giving you $100 free right away!

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