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The average neighborhood dental practice claims word of mouth referral as their number one new patient recruitment source.

While most Social Dental Network members maintain a suburban or urban practice, demographics and location rarely have an impact on these trusted and verified practice communication efforts.

Existing patients talk to family and friends – and everyone needs a good dentist!

Every single Social Dental Network member is already involved in marketing their practice on the Internet.

All members already have at least a professional practice website, and more often than not the automated patient communications, and search engine optimization necessary to maximize their online practice identity.

The average member maintains two to three thousand patient records, roughly 50% of which are families.

With an annual gross production averaging between $500K-$1M, Social Dental Network members understand the importance of marketing their dental practice in the digital age.

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Furthermore, our members are committed to maintaining their prominence by advancing on opportunities as they become beneficial…and often before mass appeal takes hold.

Social Dental Network members are tech-savvy AND opportunistic!

With marketing budgets generally outweighing CE budgets, our member doctors understand that cutting edge dentistry is only complemented by cutting edge digital dental practice marketing.

Social media for the dental practice and local search engine optimization represent two of the most recent online shifts in digital practice communications and online visibility opportunities available to the neighborhood dental practice.

It’s not difficult and it’s not expensive…you can get that stuff at your dental conferences and practice junkets!

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