Local Search Ranking Factors 2012

While it seems that the news cycle went from 24 hours to 140 characters, it sometimes becomes difficult to decipher the good information from the run of the content mill type of information that wastes time and provides zero benefit.

Good news is here; this little local seo for dentists ditty will be really short & sweet.Local Search Ranking Factors 2012

Before trifling with any new Google+ Local issues, it is highly recommended all digital dental marketing mavens digest this not so little piece of:

Local Search Ranking Factors for 2012

We’re not promising a quick skim of the info will automagically catapult your Google+ Local page to the top of the search engine results; time and effort is required just to digest the info, execution is a whole other challenge.

If you’d rather review chart audits than local seo best practices, at the very least make sure the person or team tasked with defining your local sphere of dental influence is up to speed with the info – send them the link (Even though you shouldn’t have to!).

It will certainly be difficult to find a more useful reference tool available…until Volume 6 comes out next year. Thank you to David Mihm and the local search brain trust of contributors for amassing such actionable, important, in-depth info for local small business owners – & digital marketing professionals.

Have any bold predictions for the state of local dental search in 2013?

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