How Can Google Adwords Help Dentists Acquire New Patients Immediately?

Dentists Using Google Adwords Enjoy Consistent New Patient Acquisition ROI?


In our recent run-up promoting this free $200 Google Adwords coupon for member dentists, we’ve heard all types of questions from the dental peanut gallery – both members and non-members alike.

  • Why am I not on the first page of Google?

  • How come I’m not getting any new patients?

Maybe you are and you just don’t know it…or how search engines function, how people search, or your targeted keywords, or how poorly calls to your office are actually handled.

Here’s a few questions to ponder…

  • Would you pay $25 for a new patient? Sure you would, all day.

  • How about several new patients? How about $1.31 for a new patient??

This made me wonder, when I’m in the dental chair, do I have that many technical questions about what’s going on inside my mouth?

  • Would I even know what questions to ask my dentist?

  • Do I really know what a root canal entails?

  • Am I qualified enough to question my dentists’ costs associated with delivering my root canal?


Google Adwords for Dentists is a Waste of Money, Right?


Social media for dentists is an inbound digital dental marketing tool, most effective when everything else is in place to maximize digital word of mouth. Like an updated website, blog,  and monthly newsletter for starters.

Local search (local seo) for dentists is a granular new patient acquisition necessity these days. People don’t just search Google – or Bing & Yahoo – they also search out what else they can find out about your practice, they use apps to scour dental patient reviews on sites like Angieslist, Superpages, RateADentist, Healthgrades, Citysearch, InsiderPages…and a 1001+ other locally focused websites to see what real people say about sitting in your chair.

Effective mobile dental marketing, geofencing, and social gaming for dentists, may be strategies best left to the cream of the digital dental marketing crop – or those of you lucky to know us – at this point in time…But that certainly doesn’t mean people in your area aren’t searching for a good dentist from their phones right now, or snapping away at dental QR codes the savvy practices include with their direct mail…or using apps to keep their thumbs from doing all that walking.



What all of these methods, strategies, tactics, and avenues of exposure have in common, and the important point here I am struggling to make here within this context, is that social media, local search, and mobile marketing, are just tools to deftly apply toward the goals of:

1. Acquiring New Patients
2. Retaining More Existing Patients
3. Enhancing Patient Communications
4. Improving Productivity

SoLoMo digital dental marketing is simply just applying the right tools for the jobs.

As dentists across the world know, having the right tool for the job is essential, but only with correct application of the tool can success be guaranteed.


As for Google Adwords and search engine marketing for dentists…


First dentists need to educate themselves on what Google Adwords is, and how it can be employed to acquire new patients. They need not listen to horror stories of the past, or colleagues who wastefully dabbled in dental search engine marketing (SEM) with no real understanding of how the environment functions.

Digital dental marketing with Google Adwords starts with understanding how it works…and it never ends, with constant testing, adjustments, and refinement with keywords, targeting, & budget.

For that, we start at the beginning:



HURRY! Grab this $200 Google Adwords coupon before it expires.

Is there a catch to getting started?

Somewhat, if you consider shelling out $25 for Google to give you $200 to use in Google Adwords – a catch.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope, we charge a setup fee to get your Adwords account started and perform the necessary keyword research, ad group segmentation, ad copy development, & landing pages integration all targeting your immediate local area (and/or beyond), then launch your campaigns!

From there, you simply set a monthly budget and either manage yourself or have us do it for you.

Ipso facto, once your Dental Adwords campaign goes live (generally right away), you can start acquiring new patients immediately…for less than the price of your thrice daily triple dipped no foam low-fat half caf latte!

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For any of those PITA dentists out there…why would you NOT take advantage of a free $200 in Google Ads?

In our next installment of Google Adwords for Dentists, we will examine Reach, Relevance, and ROI – the 3 main ingredients of a successful dental Adwords campaign.

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