Do Dentists Need Mobile Marketing for More New Patients?

3 Questions Dentists Need to Ask Themselves Before Going Mobile With New Patient Acquisition

Mobile marketing for dentists begins with an understanding that more people will soon be accessing the Internet via mobile device or tablet than by using a desktop computer. That’s not our prediction but since EF Hutton is in revival mode, when Morgan Stanley talks, people listen.

“We believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years,” said Mary Meeker, leader of Morgan Stanley’s global tech research team.

That quote was from December of 2009…have things changed since then?

1. How Can Mobile Marketing for Dentists Get Me More New Patients?

We are in an always connected multi-screen time and when patients go search for a dentist on their mobile device being THERE when people search is the first ingredient, but being accessible within the mobile environment is a close second.

Dentists that don’t employ mobile marketing techniques, don’t have a mobile responsive website or dental practice app, don’t have to worry about new patient acquisition on the go.

Judging your practice is found when a prospective patient searches for a local dentist from a mobile device, communicating in simple easy terms is essential to taking that lookie-loo to new patient appointment request.

We consistently track both mobile clicks to call and mobile phone calls manually dialed for our member dentists running Google Adwords campaigns.

By segmenting the mobile new patient dental shopping experience with mobile specific ads, calls to action, and click to call technology, these member dentists convey a more streamlined message to the prospective patient.

This results in lower costs per new patient acquisition and higher call rates than those campaigns not focused on the mobile patient. This new patient call cost this member dentist exactly $1.30, what is a new patient worth to you?

Mobile Marketing for Dentists

2. Is My Current Dental Website Mobile-Friendly?

If ever there was a confusing term, it’s mobile-friendly.

Reason being is because it’s a pretty subjective phrase, what might be considered friendly to a non-native mobile user needing to pinch and expand the screen to see the same content you’re serving up to your dental desktop search audience may very well be an annoyance to a mobile shopper looking for some last minute teeth whitening deals before next weekend’s wedding.

There are essentially 3 choices when dentists consider mobile marketing for new patients:

  1. Responsive dental website design – optimizing your website experience across different screen sizes without creating multiple websites.
  2. A mobile version of your dental website – something like this mobile dental website which offers a streamlined mobile experience for patients and prospective patients alike.
  3. A branded mobile app for your dental practice – this is a mobile app that resides on people’s devices and is more of an interactive mobile dental marketing technique offering entertainment and utility. Imagine doing a cosmetic consultation with a patient by having them take pictures…

3. What Are the Costs Compared to the Benefits of Taking My Dental Marketing Mobile?

This one requires some KISS analysis.

You know dental prospective patients will be searching more and more from mobile devices, and hopefully you’ve already determined what you have and don’t have with regards to mobile dental practice accessibility, so the aim is for you to cost-effectively deliver a refined mobile dental experience to those local prospects on the search for a dentist.

Dental Mobile Apps & Websites

Determine what the average value of a new patient is to your dental practice, surely your consultant and/or accountant goes over this balance sheet busting figure with you each year.

No calculate the cost of taking your dental practice into the mobile marketing age.

Given the two former financial figures, how many new patients per month (or year) will justify the cost of going mobile with your dental marketing?

That really depends on cost doesn’t it, but lucky for you there is a social dental solution to your digital dental mobile marketing conundrum…

We offer member dentists a custom mobile dental practice app for the super-low price of just $499 setup and $39 per month.

How do you like them apples?

Call us at (760) 444-0505 to get started today in less than 5 minutes!

Mobile Websites, Responsive Sites, & Mobile Apps for Dentists

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