Dentist Attacked on Facebook…What Would You Do?

According to a recent article from, an angry parent in Southern California reportedly took to Facebook in order to publicly attack a dentist responsible for removing a 5-year-old boy’s tooth.

In the article you can read here, the Facebook Groups page entitled, “I Hate Dr. Dove of Bakersfield” attracted more than 200 members in its first 48 hours.

How many ‘members’ did the dentist in question have on his practice Facebook page?

Did the dentist in question have an online review management strategy in place prior to this unfortunate happenstance?

Does the doctor in question even have any idea what his online dental practice reputation management profile looks like?

Enough questions, everyone is looking for answers right…well, take a number and get in line. Hopefully this doesn’t escalate into another Yelp case or even approach the litigious spectrum of legal resolution.

“I think my reputation will be hurt a little bit.”
— Edward Dove, DDS (source:


The dentist now under extreme magnification would have been a lot better off if he had a plan in place for this sort of thing, and more importantly had the social media clout to combat it – however quietly or pronounced that may be.

That’s the obvious conclusion we can make at this juncture.

One interesting takeaway grasped was how the person responsible for initiating the public attack was unavailable for comment, but the dentist in question stood behind his work.

We’re not taking sides here, we’re not dentists, we weren’t there, and we don’t need the attention.

Where do all these people find the time to comment on the Facebook Page, why are they so passionate in their views, what does all the chatter amount to…who knows…

“Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die.”

Instead, we’ll concentrate on employing effective online dental practice reputation management tools to limit the impact of this kind of thing, and more importantly, to automatically syndicate and amplify the positive chatter already going on about your practice…probably without your knowledge!

Why is that such a novel concept these days, standing behind your work?

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  1. Chris Cook says:

    Funny…… no comments…….. It would not be hard to find me either as stated above.

  2. Brooke says:

    “Where do all these people find the time to comment on the Facebook Page, why are they so passionate in their views, what does all the chatter amount to…who knows..”

    I am shocked at your nerve and ignorance to make this about something as demeaning as social media, while all these Parents have had the courage to come out against this man and admit to EVERYONE that their child was either or all the above: slapped, hit, held down and more AND you want to know why they are so passionate? Are you a Parent? Most likely not!

    How about asking some intelligent questions like:

    Why are patients coming out of the wood works, even from 21 years ago?

    Why are Parents and patients, who have never met all saying very similar things?

    Why does this Dr. not allow Parents in the back, even Autistic children who especially need them there?

    Why is it that this Dentist has moved around so much throughout his years in Practice? Arizona? Oregon? Bakersfield?

    How about not just caring about the poor Dentist getting wronged in social media and start listening to what they are saying? For God sakes, we are talking about children being abused!

    Why is it ok for a Dr. to abuse my child and get away with it? That is my question?

    Articles like yours that have the nerve to demean our children, mine included, by making this about social media is sloppy reporting.

    We are not only giving our children a voice, but trying to protect future, innocent children.

    The police tell us it’s not worth making a claim, nothing we can do. Social media gave us the ability to do what the Detective would not do!

    You said you could not reach Chris Cook for comment, but “Dr. Dove gave you a comment. Did he also comment to you how it is normal for children to wet themselves when they have a procedure with him?


    Well he did out there in the social media!

  3. Lisa says:

    This Dentist has about 40+ negative stories on his WRONG way of practicing dentistry on Children, dating back to like 20 years from what I hear. I can not guarentee how truthful tall of them all but Not ALL of them can be wrong. My story is one of the 40+ stories and I am not lying. Anyone who is ok with Pulling a child’s tooth or any other work like my child got, (crowns etc.) with out being sedated or fully sedated is as bad a Dove. This man should not be practicing on kids. Adults… sure, they can stand up for themselves. My final opinion of this man is I will never take any of my kids to him EVER again.

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